Foundation & Nonprofit Consortium Partners Host Community Information Session on Limetree

November 5, 2019

St. Croix Foundation for Community Development in partnership with members of our Non-Profit Consortium, would like to extend an open invitation to the community to participate in an informal Community Information Session to share pertinent updates on the Limetree Bay Terminals & Refinery, scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at the Great Hall of the University of the Virgin Islands, Albert A. Sheen Campus from 5:30pm – 7:00pm.

As a Trusted Neutral Community Convener, St. Croix Foundation has agreed to host what we hope will be the first of many Community Conversations, led by Community, for Community. The gathering will serve as an Information Session through which residents will have the opportunity to learn more about Limetree Bay Terminals & Refinery including updates on where it is in its restart process, get briefings on existing protocols for monitoring, reporting and emergency response to ensure the safe operation of the Refinery and the safety of the community and the environment.

This informal discussion is ultimately intended to establish an open dialogue between policymakers, regulators and the Refinery and the Community to cultivate a relationship of trust and transparency. But most importantly, it is intended to empower Community to lead important conversations that impact their neighborhoods, their well-being, and their economic interests- all essential components of Healthy Communities.

Invitations have been extended to regulatory agencies including DPNR and DOH as well as Emergency Responders like VITEMA. The Senate Committee on Government Operations, Consumer Affairs, Energy, Environment & Planning as well as Limetree Bay Terminals & Refinery Representatives have also been invited.

For more information about this upcoming community information session, please contact St. Croix Foundation directly at 340.773.9898.