St. Croix Foundation believes that all roads to the health and welfare of any community lead back to education. Since 2005, we have directed nearly $2 million in funding toward educational grants and initiatives. In recent years, growing incidents of crime and youth violence in our community, coupled with the poor academic performance of our students, has led us to place education reform at the helm of our programmatic agenda.


In 2013, taking a more holistic approach to public education systems reform, the Foundation convened a Policy Mapping Steering Committee consisting of a carefully selected cross-section of our community including business leaders, educators from public, private, and parochial schools as well as representatives from the University of the Virgin Islands and public sector agencies. After compiling and synthesizing most of the data, the Foundation released a white paper, Cracking the Code, to the public, reporting on one of five priority areas. Next steps? The Committee is today building the final framework to present our research and findings on Teachers & Instructional Management and Student Support Systems in focus groups comprising key stakeholders and policymakers.


Today, St. Croix Foundation is incorporating our policy work into our Kids Count data collection and we are excited about activating data with community and policy action!