As a small place-based foundation operating in the USVI since 1990, St. Croix Foundation for Community Development (SCF) was founded in response to the devastation of Hurricane Hugo, which left over 90% of structures on the island of St. Croix damaged or destroyed. Since our inception, we have been unflinchingly dedicated to holistic, community development.

The vision of a group of community activists, St. Croix Foundation’s founders had an ambitious goal of creating a progressive, community-rooted philanthropic institution- one that could address the social and economic challenges facing our Territory as it began the arduous task of rebuilding after Hugo. Led by Michael Neuburger, a German retired aerospace executive, and Phillip Gerard, a Native Crucian Community Activist, our founders opted to do things differently: to divert from the conventions of the field of Philanthropy, marrying a more holistic suite of philanthropic strategies that adjoined grantmaking with direct services and nonprofit capacity building.

Since our inception 30 years ago and despite our modest beginnings, SCF has been a conduit of over $42 million in strategic investments invested into the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our broad wingspan and progressive format have enabled us to also build an impressive portfolio of successful programming comparable to organizations 10 times our size.

To date, St. Croix Foundation has made deep inroads and impact in almost every critical social arena, from Community Revitalization and Economic Development to Nonprofit Capacity Building, Education Reform and Public Health.

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