While we employ some of the same strategies as traditional community foundations such as grantmaking and donor fund development, we have moved far beyond the conventions of the field of philanthropy. Unwavering in our commitment to serve as a conduit, rather than container of philanthropic resources, St. Croix Foundation has ultimately found a distinctive sweet spot as a hybrid foundation functioning as both philanthropic OPERATORS and GRANTMAKERS.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Foundation is our decision to plant our roots deep in the earth in linkage with local nonprofits. Through our prioritization of Civil Society and Social Impact Organizations, SCF has been afforded exponential reach in our Community, serving as the preeminent fiscal sponsor in the Virgin Islands for over 250 nonprofits and community-based projects over the past 30 years. By nurturing a culture of participatory leadership, collaboration and shared work, we have built some of the most enduring partnerships with our local nonprofits.

We have also not shied away from public policy and advocacy, investing our scarce resources in a myriad of high impact and nationally recognized programming ranging from small business development to education reform. Yet another distinguishing characteristic of St. Croix Foundation is that we have intentionally rejected the establishment of an operating endowment, and large donor advised fund portfolios, instead, directing laser focus on leveraging resources today on strategic, high impact investments.

St. Croix Foundation is a truly unique animal in philanthropy. The colonial status of the territory, and the legacies of political and economic inequities, coupled with our geographic isolation, have compelled us to activate a more holistic and grassroots model of philanthropy. Because our founders embedded within our DNA a passion for innovation and an irreverence for the status quo in society and in philanthropy, we are leading with different governing principles and building what we hope will become a model for our field.