Over the past three years, St. Croix Foundation for Community Development has single-handedly been spearheading a comprehensive community development project that is building capacity and nurturing innovation in our Community. Through our Nonprofit Consortium, deep impact is already being felt in systemically stressed sectors of our civil society through the convening of over 50 nonprofit organizations to discuss sustainability, impact, and capacity building. Through this project, St. Croix Foundation is fostering meaningful support and compiling critical data respective to how to strengthen and sustain local civic organizations.


Today, in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria and in light of the economic crisis facing the Territory even before the 2017 Hurricane Season, our nonprofits are more critical than ever before. After also assessing the needs and challenges of nonprofits, the Foundation’s final consensus is that there is growing acknowledgment that systemic change is imperative in order for our civic sector to survive and thrive. 


To learn more about the Foundation’s Non-Profit Consortium, we invite you to read through our most recent impact report and download our  Case for Civic Leadership in the Virgin Islands.