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Deanna J. James

I feel so privileged to serve such a progressive, forward-thinking Organization that continues to affirm the Power of Place-based Philanthropy. While we’re small, we are proof positive that in isolated, underserved communities with unstable governmental systems, Community Foundations can evolve to lead differently. Ultimately, I believe our radical approach to Philanthropyis a lesson to the field that before equity can be funded, it must be lived!

Jennifer Carbon-Richardson

Here at the Foundation, we serve multiple, diverse clients— our community nonprofits, public sector, and businesses. As the Fiscal Officer, I’ve been honored to serve at the Foundation’s for 14 years, ensuring accountability for every single dime. But I am still here after all these years because Philanthropy isn’t just about money. It’s about community, about resources, and about making sure those resources are leveraged to improve People’s lives.

Essence Carter

Serving in a space with such deep wisdom, I have learned that this resilient community (as most communities) knows exactly what it needs. I am simply proud to be a steward of the work.

Lilli Cox

Nimble. Innovative. Curious. And yes, a little disruptive! We’re investing in new models and healthy systems that bypass outdated and inequitable ones to drive change. Perspective is everything, and ours is close to the ground with our nonprofit allies, funders, and public sector partners. Through this lens, the process of change is dynamic and continuous: we ask the hard questions, do the research, collect all the data we can, and then build. At the Foundation, philanthropy is not static but one that evolves with and for community.

Magali Roldan

Philanthropy is Community. At St. Croix Foundation, I see the impact of place-based philanthropy every day on everyday people, businesses, and nonprofits. I believe that philanthropy is about the past, the present, and the future — and everyday, I get to see glimpses of a bright futurewhere all of the People of St. Croix and the Virgin Islands are living a whole and happy life… at home.

Claver Lazare

Place-based philanthropy has love at its core. Love for people, for place, for civic organizations, and our private and public sectors. Some nonprofits, like St. Croix Foundation, may be small. We may be quiet. But we are a stronghold for nonprofits and our community.

Haley Cutler

St. Croix Foundation epitomizes the small but mighty spirit of our beautiful community. It is my profound privilege to serve an organization so unapologetically committed to equity and leveraging philanthropy for good. The power of place-based philanthropy lies in the engine driving all of the work– and that’s heart. If our corner of the world is to be more resilient, more equitable, safer, healthier… then that revolutionary work will need to be funded, nurtured, and loved. Collectively, that is what we do every day. The nonprofit sector on this tiny island is filled with more courage and revolutionary power than one can imagine. Together, we do things differently. Agile but considered. Strategic but heartfelt. Honest. But above all else– we know we will get where we are going TOGETHER, and only together.