For as Many Motivations there are to Give, We Have the Right Fit for You.

Get started today and let St. Croix Foundation for Community Development tailor the right Fund for you that fits your charitable priorities, financial goals, and personal interests. Whether it’s educational scholarships, health, and human services, public safety, historic restoration, or island beautification, we can help create a legacy that matters! Contact us today at 340.773.9898.

Types of Funds

  1. Donor Advised Funds – Stay involved in your giving without all the paperwork
  2. Designated Organization Funds – Direct donor gifts to a specific charity
  3. Scholarship Funds -Help students pay for part or all of their education at a specific educational institution or in a particular curriculum
  4. Organization Endowment Funds – Ensure the perpetuity of a charitable organization with a special endowment fund that is expertly managed

Ways to Give

  1. Direct Donations include cash and assets such as real estate; the Foundation also accepts unique gifts like paintings, vehicles, and other assets from individuals or corporations.
  2. Private Foundation Transfers make it easy for donors to move dollars from a private foundation to the St. Croix Foundation for management and maximum impact in the Virgin Islands Community.
  3. Bequests include a portion of an estate.
  4. Appreciated Securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, and 401(k)s allow donors to eliminate capital gains taxes and still receive the full tax deduction for the asset’s fair market value.
  5. Life Insurance enables donors, through a relatively small annual cost (the premium), to donate a sizeable gift without impairing or diluting the control of a family business or other investments. Assets earmarked for family members can be kept intact.
  6. Charitable Trusts can be established or transferred to the Foundation, enabling donors to contribute to community while also paying beneficiaries either for life, as in the case of a Remainder Trust, or at a specified time, as in a Lead Trust.