Grants & Scholarships

The Foundation’s Education Committee is currently conducting a comprehensive review of all our grant and scholarship funds to allow us to better serve the educational needs in our community. Until further notice, all grant and scholarships are temporarily suspended. For more information, please contact the Foundation directly.


For more than 10 years, St. Croix Foundation has been building a portfolio of targeted educational grants and scholarships that focus on literacy, teacher innovation, and professional development. Our grantmaking serves to complement our advocacy and research while providing support to teachers and students for direct impact. Read more about our Grants and Scholarships “At a Glance” and check back with us when we reopen our grant cycles.

AN ART STUDIO With deep impact

A Success Story from Room #106, Alexander Henderson Elementary School

Funded through a Teacher Grant Award

Students in Ms. Clarke’s fifth grade class raised their scores in language arts through the creation of an Arts & Crafts Studio. They applied these skills in a real world situation: writing to soldiers as far away as Japan and Iraq. With a maximum award of $500, the Teacher Grant proves how our public school teachers leverage dollars with innovative projects to improve student achievement. You can support projects like this by donating directly to the Teacher Grant Award Fund today.

Educational Endowment Fund

Since 2009, SCFCD has been building an Educational Endowment to secure our nationally recognized programs and impact in education for generations to come. Our comprehensive educational initiatives seek to fulfill our long-term objective of developing a strategic and collaborative approach to improving our public education system through teacher training and advocacy for improved governance and public policy.