St. Croix Foundation is not a conventional community foundation! Recognizing that complex problems facing developing communities like ours cannot be solved by traditional philanthropy, we have chosen to function as a hybrid (operating) foundation, catalyzing change and filling persistent funding gaps. While grantmaking represents only 20% of our operating format, we serve as both a strategic grantmaker and a direct services provider. It’s a progressive, hands-on approach to philanthropy more commonplace in developing countries, but one that is increasingly becoming an emerging trend in American Philanthropy.

Holding the Vision for 30 Years

Since 1990, St. Croix Foundation for Community Development has been advancing holistic community development as a pathway to economic prosperity, self-sufficiency, and sustainability. Established in the wake of Hurricane Hugo, today the Foundation is one of the premier place-based philanthropic leaders in the Virgin Islands. Having served as the conduit of over $42 million private and public sector dollars invested into the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Foundation’s impact has netted national recognition in almost every priority area – from economic development and community revitalization to public health, education reform, and nonprofit development. 

Our mission is to encourage greater philanthropic activity, to marshal resources, and to act as a catalyst to benefit the people of the Virgin Islands.