As COVID-19 became a fixed reality around the world, St. Croix Foundation relaunched our CARE Fund as a permanent Philanthropic Instrument for nurturing resilience in the Virgin Islands. Established in the wake of the 2017 hurricanes, the fund has invested over $1.5 million into local nonprofits and immediate relief and long-term resilience efforts such as the Solar Workforce Development Initiative and Farm Tienda Program. Today and into the future, the CARE Fund will serve to fortify vulnerable communities and build nonprofit capacity so that the Territory can better weather COVID-19 and any future crises through the following strategies:

  1. Open-Doors – Stabilizing nonprofits who are caring for vulnerable populations impacted by COVID-19 with operating support.
  2. Direct Support for Frontline Nonprofits – Awarding program grants to frontline civic organizations to implement or expand services.
  3. Data Collection on Unmet Needs – Spearheading data collection initiatives to connect individuals and organizations with resources.
  4. Resiliency & Systems Innovation – Developing and funding innovative, adaptive, and resilient programs that nurture equitable and sustainable new systems.

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