Public Safety

Extending our 15 year partnership with the VIPD, the St. Croix Foundation’s vision for the future is to marshal greater community support in addressing public safety issues. We seek to award up to $250,000 annually in grants to the VI Police Department for targeted projects including the upgrade and expansion of the Territory’s security cameras, training for homicide detectives, acquisition of equipment, and flexible support that is responsive to emerging needs.

25 Years of Partnerships & Investments

The Foundation recognizes that community development only succeeds when complemented with improved public safety. In 1995, we initiated a partnership with the Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) that continues to this day. Since the inception of that partnership, the Foundation has supported the VIPD, securing and administering almost $1 million dollars for local police department initiatives and programs that have included:

  • Securing funding for security cameras on St. Croix, St. John, and St. John
  • Funding training programs for officers in fingerprinting, homicide investigation, and bicycle and K9 patrols
  • Funding startup costs for a Bicycle Patrol¬†including providing free rent for over 10 years
    Today, we continue to support the VIPD through several existing Funds that provide flexible funding for emerging needs


Security Cameras

Lighting Initiative

Downtown Bicycle Patrols