Nonprofit Consortium

Philanthropy, Community Leadership, and Collaboration


  1. Why is the St. Croix Foundation convening nonprofits now?

One of the strongest assets that the Foundation can offer is the level of meaningful relationships it holds with nonprofits, donors, and volunteers throughout St. Croix.   Based on where we are as a community (and a global economy), this is a critical time to convene organizations around strategic thinking about the nonprofit sector here on the island. Leading with relationships, the Foundation hopes to convene organizations around the important priority areas that will help ensure sustainability and long term impact.

  1. What is the Nonprofit Consortium?

The Nonprofit Consortium is a meeting space for the staff and board members of local nonprofit organizations, development professionals, consultants, and community leaders who want to participate in the conversation about sustaining the nonprofit sector on St. Croix.

  1. What is the Nonprofit Consortium intended to achieve?

In 2016, the Nonprofit Consortium convened 8 times to create meaningful dialogue among members of the nonprofit community.  In addition, the St. Croix Foundation also facilitated board training opportunities, sector meetings, and support meetings for individual organizations.   These meetings collected insight around the strengths and challenges of being a local nonprofit, ideas for community-wide strategies for sustainable philanthropy, and actionable approaches for the community to consider as we plan for long-term fundraising success throughout St. Croix.  This effort will continue throughout 2017, and we look forward to the progress ahead.


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